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Безпроводное электричество посредством микроволновых излучений.

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Wireless power is here!
3/24/2015 -- WIRELESS POWER using MICROWAVES -- Japan moving forward on new plans

See the Boeing force field using microwaves here:


The system has now been tested in the Laboratory to ensure that it works, the next step is to build a space based version which beams microwaves back to Earth, which are then converted to DC power !

This link contains a full description plus basic diagrams to build your own version. Of course there are possibly VERY HIGH VOLTAGE conditions, so if you build one, be extremely careful, and know what you're doing before beginning assembly.


Earlier today, breaking news was announced in regards to another use of Microwaves. Boeing aircraft company has patented MICROWAVE force fields which reflect / stop incoming shockwaves from explosions. Literally a plasma shield which will stop a blast from a bomb. The plasma is generated using microwaves from two transmitters.


The use of the 2GHz band, and now the use of the 5GHz band shows that professionals already know the potential for electrical conversion is there.

Per the US FCC rules, the average exposure to microwaves contains about 61 volts per sq. meter. Meaning the potential voltage available MUST be somewhere near (or above) 61 volts every 3 sq. feet. already around us currently.

This does not count the FM, AM, Shortwave, High frequency, VHF,and other UHF signals already coming in to our houses from every source imaginable.

If you had a series of different sized antennas, you could theoretically "listen" to multiple bands, and convert all the bands power into DC.. not just microwaves.

The great thing about building your own system, is that we are already exposed to 2.4GHz wifi, 2.4GHz bluetooth, 2.7GHz NEXRAD RADAR, 1GHz television, FM, AM and other bands.

No harmful effects of LISTENING... just like listening to a radio, you and I could stand right next to each other and both pick up a signal, and convert the power with no effect on the signal.

Just like listening to a radio... when the wave is sent out from the radio station... it goes out in all directions.. your antenna picks up the wave, and converts it into sound waves.

Instead of converting the radio waves into Sound waves out of a speaker, you convert the radio waves to DC power.

It does NOT suck in radio waves, thus there is no loss to the people already beaming out the signal.

For instance... mobile phone companies are sending out near 2.4GHz in some cases from cell phone towers... you could pick up that general frequency, and convert it to DC without them ever knowing, or experiencing loss.. and technically the actual "power" isn't coming from them.. just the frequency....

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